Recruitment Information

At Lock Haven University, the four, Panhellenic sororities utilize informal recruitment through COBing. COBing, Continuous Open Bidding, allows sororities to host individual events that encourage PNMs to learn more about their organizations. PNMs will be invited to events that promote growth and development. If a sorority takes interest in a PNM, the sorority may extend a bid to the female, inviting her into their sisterhood.

Join the sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau this fall through our very first virtual recruitment! We will utilize Zoom to host COB events during the fall semester. Our events will highlight our philanthropies, sisterhood, and values. Our sisters are excited to engage in meaningful conversations, as well as giving honest insight to our amazing organization. The Growth Team has spent several months preparing, learning, and organizing our virtual events. During these unprecedented times, we hope you can find your home away from home with AST.

To ensure potential new members get the most out of their recruitment experience, we require that all participants register for recruitment events prior to the event’s start. If you are interested in attending one of our virtual recruitment events, you must email our Vice President of Growth, Skyler Barlup: She will send you a personal invitation to our event where you can register!
Alpha Sigma Tau will host several COB recruitment events each semester to encourage women to learn more about this empowering organization. PNMs are highly encouraged to attend Alpha Sigma Tau’s COB Week in Spring 2020. This week allows PNMs to make meaningful connections within the sisterhood, become educated on the values and expectations of the sorority, and determine if Alpha Sigma Tau is their “home away from home”. No sign ups are required, so PNMs will be updated about recruitment through social media, email lists, and text messages.

Any questions? Please contact our Vice President of Growth, Skyler Barlup, via email: Stay up to date with our Instagram: ast_lhu and Facebook: Lock Haven Alpha Sigma Tau.