Our Sisters in Action

The Zeta Chapter's specific philanthropy work benefits the Clinton County Women's Center, now known as Roads to Peace. Our chapter hosts our annual Rock-a-thon every fall. During Rock-a-thon, we rock on rocking chairs for 24 hours and collect money from oncoming drivers to raise money and awareness for domestic abuse.
We also participate in Lock Haven University's Relay for Life every spring. This is a 12 hour lock-in in the Student Recreation Center where all of Greek Life participates as well as other campus clubs. Each organization conducts a mini game or an activity to raise money for the cause. Every participant also takes shifts walking for a specific amount of hours to help raise money for cancer research.
Every year, the Zeta chapter works at the food stands during the Little League World Series in Williamsport at the end of August to raise money for our chapter and ensure that we are able to financially support everything that we wish to do for the academic year!
The Zeta Chapter also owns a section of the highway on I-80. It is our responsibility to ensure that our section of the road is litter-free. We coordinate three highway pick- ups a semester to make sure that all trash is cleared from our section.

Little League World Series